At Green Clean of Connecticut, we believe it's all about respect, respecting the environment and respecting each other.  

     Our mission is to create a safe and comfortable indoor environment for our customers in lower Fairfield County to live and work in by using eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products and cleaning methods.  

     The products we use are from manufacturers that do not perform testing on animals.  Also, we use products that are certified by the USDA and registered with the EPA which means that they have been tested for environmental safety and efficacy.

     We are a woman-owned business and are dedicated to environmental improvements that create a sustainable future and nurture familial, social, environmental and economical improvements in the communities we do business.

     We are committed to the continuous learning of environmental improvements with the ultimate goal of the health and well-being of our customers and the preservation and care of the Earth's resources.  We pledge to recycle and use products that are made from recycled materials whenever possible. 

      We strive for an injury free workplace and train everyone to conduct their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.  We also require that everyone conduct themselves in an ethical manner.